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Digital Marketing Agency and Media Production - Everview MediaDigital Marketing Agency and Media Production - Everview Media

We are passionate

about content,

We are driven

by results.

We are your

Digital Marketing Team.

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We are a digital marketing agency that loves to create content.

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Find out how we produce interesting video content to showcase your brand, engage your audience, drive sales or inspire teams. Discover our range of video editing services.

Web Design

Web Design

Find out how we develop sleek, modern and responsive websites that effectively represent your brand. Discover our range of support and marketing services.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Find out how we design branding and graphics to best capture the attention of your audience. Discover our range of for digital and for print design services.



We capture photography of your event, product line, facilities or workforce. Powerful imagery increases engagement with your brand and promotional campaigns.

Drone Services

Drone Services

Our CAA licensed pilots capture video and image content. Discover our range of aerial survey services, including orthographic mapping and 3D modelling.

We’ve worked with some incredible clients on exciting projects.



Everview was tasked with designing a new, modern website for commercial glazing maintenance company, Glazing Refurbishment Ltd. a subsidiary of Bloor International Enterprises.

The site was designed from the ground up to be mobile responsive and designed to take advantage of search engine optimisation, making greater use of visual media to drive visitor engagement. We also installed an SSL certificate on the website domain to ensure a secure browsing experience for all site visitors.

After delivering the final site we then offered Glazing Refurbishment ongoing site maintenance that is reliable and quick to action.



Hill enlisted the help of Everview to capture regular aerial photographs to follow the site progress of a new housing development they have under construction.

These regular drone flights provide Hill with a fast and cost effective way of recording and visualising the progress of the project. Through a series of aerial shots and 4K video, Hills’ stakeholders can be given a better insight into the progress that has been made.

The birds eye perspective provided during development can also be useful in seeing any future problems or disruptions that may be arising during the build progress, early on, so plans to overcome these issues can be made in good time.




In the summer of 2017, a small farm just outside Cambridge was host to Strawberries and Creem 2017, one of the UK’s most ambitious and interesting day festivals. Showcasing some of the worlds best talent in Hip Hop, R&B, Grime and Bashment music.

Everview was invited along to produce a 360 video experience of the day long event, to use as promotional media for the next year of the festival and allow viewers to see the festival in a virtual reality headset.




Everview were tasked with creating a dynamic 360 video to showcase the various meeting and conference facilities available at Tattersalls Newmarket.

Tattersalls are a world leading bloodstock auctioneer, a famous name in the horse-racing industry and a pillar of the local community.

Their unique conference facilities are second to none. Showcasing them in a unique and engaging way by embedding a 360 video directly into the website, allowed any of their site visitors to digitally experience their facilities in unique way and book in confidence.

Tattersalls 1



In 2018 we the voluntary network reached out to us to see if we would be interested in creating a short promotional film about their service, introducing some of the people involved, telling their stories and promoting the charities work.

We jumped at the chance to create the film as the cause is something close to our hearts and we were excited to have the opportunity to be involved.

The short video is now being shared on social media and embedded on the voluntary network website in the hope it spreads the word and gets more people involved with the charity.

The Voluntary Network



Wests Garage Newmarket needed their website including online showroom with third party finance integrations rebuilt from the ground up to meet the demands of the modern consumer and stand head and shoulders above their competitors.

We delivered on this and more by integrating the new site directly with Autotrader, allowing them to manage their cars on Autotrader and have their changes automatically feed through to the listings on the website.

Since delivering the site we have provided ongoing maintenance and optimisation to ensure smooth operations.



Zeiss UK invited us over to their laboratory in Cambridge to capture an engaging 360 video of their site and machines at work.

Zeiss, a global manufacturer, actually manufactured their own virtual reality headset for market, The Zeiss VR One. The video we created for them was to be used internally to show staff the power of 360 video and Virtual Reality and for use in demonstrating their new headset.

ZEISS Image 1

Our digital marketing services enable you to rank high, engage your audience and convert customers.

Organic Search SEO

You want to be easy to find, to appear at the top of the list on the first page of Google for your chosen keywords, this doesn’t happen by accident.

Our SEO experts use a multitude of tools to make sure your site is highly optimised and when your website ranks on the first page on Google search, we make sure that you stay there.

Services include, Organic SEO and Website Optimisation, Local SEO and Location Based Services, Ecommerce SEO and Online Shop Optimisation and more.

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click advertising is a very efficient way of building a pipeline of valuable leads to your business, if used correctly. Our PPC experts will optimise your account to deliver useful high quality traffic, increasing conversions per spend, reducing waste from your advertising budget.

Studies show that it can take several visits to your site for a customer to make a purchase. Remarketing campaigns are a brilliant tool for recapturing lost customers, these Ads recapture their attention, increasing conversions, revenue and users in the long term.

Ecommerce SEO & Shopping

Ecommerce SEO is key to getting your products in front of the right people, when they are in the right mood to make a purchase. An efficient selling site is purpose built to ensure a smooth and speedy checkout process, putting as few barriers between your customer and the sale as possible.

Our SEO experts optimise the backend code of your products, categories and checkout processes, edit existing and create new content purpose built to convert sales and setup a google shopping campaign and link it to your online store to increase revenue.

Social Media Advertising

Social Media can be an extremely effective platform for targeting advertising to direct demographics or social groups that would be most interested in your product or service.

Using the likes of Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn our experts will write and design targeted adverts that capture the attention of potential customers, hitting them with an offer they can’t refuse.

Optimised Landing Pages

Landing Pages are the very first page a customer sees after clicking your advert or link. It’s crucial for any campaign, advert or lead that once they reach your site, the content that they see is relevant and designed to convert sales.

You want your customers to call you, use your contact form or make a purchase, Landing Pages are designed to make that happen.

SEO Audits & Reports

Are you ranking poorly on Google Search? Has your sales growth stalled? Is your web traffic slowing to a halt? We can perform full SEO audits of your website, e-commerce platform and more.

We find and fix technical issues and produce comprehensive reports that show where the problem is, how we are fixing it and how things have improved.

We are dedicated to ensuring your digital marketing strategy is fit for purpose and drives sales. Please consult our full list of digital marketing services.

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