Video Production

Our friendly and talented team of videographers know exactly how to maximise the potential of your content online. Whether they are creating promotional videos, interview segments or covering an event, they know how best to showcase your brand and present you at your very best.

Engaging video content that gets results

Our Creative Process

Pre-Production & Planning

We go over your marketing objectives and discuss our plan for the video project, fine tuning the details and storyboarding the upcoming shoot, making sure all the necessary preparations have been made.

Date of Filming

We arrive on location with the equipment to shoot a full or half day of filming depending on the project. We manage cinematography, audio and on screen talent to ensure we come away with the footage we need.

Post-Production & Graphics

We take all of the footage from the shoot into the edit lab and edit together the clips, colourĀ  grade them and apply music and graphics. We then export the video in multiple formats and distribute it to your various channels.

A wide range of video production services

Our team creates videos for a wide range of audiences and budgets. Whether the project is a multi-shoot ad campaign for a large multinational or a short promotional video for a small local business, our team tailors their approach to your vision and produces awe inspiring content that delights viewers and performs towards your marketing goals.

Promotional Video

Promotional Video

Make your brand irresistible to clients with a short to medium length video. Showcase who you are, pull in your audience, engage them to interact, and convert them into loyal customers.

Event Coverage

Event Coverage

Have our talented team cover your event. Our professional videographers never miss a beat, capturing every important moment and delivering all of the captured files alongside creating a stunning highlight reel.

HAGS UK Skipton

Interview Segments

Turn any engaging video into a chance to share information with your audience. We guide you through the process of giving an on-film interview, using professional audio equipment. You bring the winning smile.

Community Projects

Community Projects

We relish the opportunity to engage with the local community and create short promotional videos to highlight charities and volunteer networks and the work they do to help those most in need.

Aerial Video

Aerial Video

Elevate your video with a stunning aerial perspective, our CAA licensed drone pilots capture aerial video on location to provide stunning establishing shots for your video or coverage of your event.

Zeiss UK

360 Video & VR

Showcase your facilities or event in an exciting new medium. 360 video prompts user engagement like no other form of digital media, it can even be viewed as a VR experience using a compatible headset.