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Aerial Cinematography, Photography, Surveys & Inspections. Our CAA certified Drone Operator

carries out a range of aerial services anywhere in the UK. From stunning cinematic aerial filming

to industrial surveys, inspections and 3D mapping.

Professional Drone Operations

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Our CAA certified drone operators work closely with clients to consistently meet their expectations, creating stunning cinematic aerial video whilst working within the rules and regulations set by the CAA to ensure the safety of people and property.

We are a CAA certified drone filming operator based in Cambridge, UK. We use industry leading professional multi-rotor drones to produce best in class HD and Ultra HD film. We have been granted a Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO) by the Civil Aviation Authority and are insured to film anywhere in the UK.

We have filmed in a wide variety of locations on different projects and have experience gaining permission to fly in public no fly zones for particular clients. We operate a variety of drones with various levels of camera equipment and can recommend the most effective equipment and budget for your project.

Everview Media has been operating as Drone Operators in the UK and Europe since 2018, we hold a 1M liability insurance and are registered with the CAA.

Aerial Cinematography

Our CAA registered Drone Operators captures stunning cinematic aerial video content. Licensed to film anywhere in the UK, our operators can capture video content indoors and out, from a foot off the ground to 400ft (max legal height) in the air.

Ask about our half and full day filming rates.

Digital Marketing Agency and Media Production - Everview Media

Aerial Inspections & Survey

Our operators can perform regular aerial surveys and  inspections by drone to enable our clients to follow the progression of industrial and construction works, gathering useful data for planning, helping the team to progress effectively with the build and providing valuable imagery and information to share with investors.

Ask about our site inspection rates for one-off or longer term surveying projects.

Site Drone Photo 3

Our team uses Drone Mapping data and photogrammetry to create detailed 3D models of sites and infrastructure.

Our team uses photogrammetry techniques and the latest software applications to create detailed and accurate 3D models and 2D high resolution images of buildings, land and infrastructure.

Everview Media provide Aerial 2D and 3D mapping services by drone, we deliver accurate site surveys, point clouds, 2D and 3D models depending on your needs and use case. The following example was created from 400 aerial pictures of a site spanning several acres. Our team used photogrammetry to build this 3D model from the points referenced in the 400 photos.