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Professional and affordable websites, mobile responsive and SEO driven design, for a single monthly fee.

Our service provides website builds, ongoing content changes, performance boosts, security, backups, reports & more.

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Professional and affordable Web Design, for a simple monthly subscription.

Through a simple monthly subscription, we build our websites to the long term benefit of our clients. No hidden fees, just quality affordable websites.

At Everview, we do web design a little differently. Those often intimidating upfront web design costs? We have reduced them. The hour-to-hour rates anytime you need a change or fix implemented? We don’t need them.

Over time these costs can stack up. We believe we have a better way of doing things, with a simple monthly subscription, consistent clear communication, and no hidden fees.

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Professionally Built Website

We produce a complete professional website build for you, purpose built to suit your needs. We test performance and once you are happy to go live, we launch the site for you.

Personal Website Designer

We assign a member of our team to be your personal web designer; to make ongoing content changes, updates and fixes to your site within a 24hr notice period.

Regular Performance Boosts

We ensure on a regular basis that your website is highly optimised and quick to load, making sure that everyone that visits your site has a great user experience.

Regular Security Checks

We undertake regular security checks and install software to ensure that your website is safe from any potential threats. With quality SEO we limit the amount of untrustworthy traffic visiting your website.

Regular Cloud Backups

We schedule regular data backups to ensure all of your data is safe in the event of unforeseeable site disruption. We backup and store your data on our cloud servers, incremental, reliable and off site.

Advanced SEO Management

We manage the search engine optimisation of your website. We implement several strategies to build the organic search profile of your site, making sure you are easy to find on Google for your chosen keywords.

Persistent Uptime Monitor

We install an uptime monitor on your new website. This will give you and us, and immediate notification should your website for whatever reason goes down. Enabling us to get it back online before anyone has even noticed.

Monthly Performance Reports

We produce monthly reports monitoring site traffic, performance, sales for E-commerce sites and much more. We keep you updated with the information that matters to you, providing proof your monthly subscription is worth the investment.

Unique and engaging websites with an SEO driven design, purpose built to make you show up on the first page on Google Search.

We put functionality and purpose at the heart of our website designs, we recommend only the best features for your site to enable you to achieve your goals.

We only recommend the best most relevant features for your site and remove any unnecessary extras that would otherwise weigh down the site, giving your website a smooth and clean user experience.

Below is just a selection of a larger number of different features we consider in the design of your professional mobile responsive website.

We are always linking new examples of completed client websites to our facebook page, click the link to see more.

Built On The Best Platform For You

We build our websites on the platform that best suits your needs. Whether that be WordPress, WooCommerce or Shopify. They are extremely powerful and adaptable platforms that allow us to create uniquely and reliably.

Mobile Responsive and Ultra Compatible

All of our sites are optimised for mobile devices as standard. No matter what device you are using (PC, Tablet or Mobile) or what web browser you are accessing the site with, our sites perform every single time.

Social Media Marketing Integration

The value of social media as a marketing tool cannot be underestimated, we provide sharing buttons, display social media feeds and optimise your site for a better search ranking using social media.

Ecommerce and Selling Sites

We build attractive and efficient online shops; powered by WooCommerce to ensure a smooth and speedy checkout process, minimising the time between first visiting the site and making the purchase for your customers.

Secure Online Payment Systems

Securely take payments through your website for one-off purchases or setup direct debits using a number of providers including PayPal, WorldPay, GoCardless & more.

Search Engine Optimisation

We take an SEO led approach to our design process, purpose building our sites to perform well in search rankings, using a number of tools to ensure you rank high on Google for the keywords that matter to you.

Your simple monthly subscription, in an affordable 12 month minimum contract, cancel without penalty anytime after.

Design PackagesWebsite Maintenance
(Pre Existing site)
Single Page Site
(SEO Landing Page)
Multi Page Site
(Information Site)
Multi-Page Selling Site
(Ecommerce Online Store)
DescriptionAll of our amazing website maintenance services put to use on an existing website you own (does not cover the redesign of an existing site).A one-page search engine optimised website for a small business wanting to increase sales, phone calls and other conversions.A multiple page website to advertise your business and its different services, acting as a point of information and allowing site visitors to contact you.A multiple page, seo optimised, online selling site. Enabling you to sell products, services, memberships and more directly on your website.
Website PlatformWordpress.Wordpress.Wordpress.WooCommerce or Shopify.
Mobile Compatibility TestingYes.
Tested on Android, iOS, Windows and Mac. Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Edge.
Tested on Android, iOS, Windows and Mac. Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Edge.
Tested on Android, iOS, Windows and Mac. Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Edge.
Tested on Android, iOS, Windows and Mac. Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Edge.
Performance Checks & BoostsYes.Yes.Yes.Yes, Weekly.
Security ChecksYes.Yes.Yes.Yes, Weekly.
SEO ManagementAudit of existing SEO and fixes.Basic setup and management.Basic setup and management.Pro setup and management.
Uptime MonitorYes.Yes.Yes.Yes.
Cloud BackupsYes.Yes, Monthly.Yes, Monthly.Yes, Weekly.
Performance ReportsYes.
Monthly PDF Reports sent to email.
Monthly PDF Reports sent to email.
Monthly PDF Reports sent to email.
Monthly PDF Site Traffic and Sales Reports sent to email.

Frequently asked questions, how our web design packages work

Can I edit content myself?

Yes you can. We provide you with full admin level access to your site. This means you can add, delete or edit pages at your leisure, you can install plugins, add more users and set their own levels of access. We do not restrict access in any way, the website is yours to use as you please.

Do you manage domains and hosting?

We do not provide domains directly, but will recommend and setup domains and hosting with an approved provider on your behalf. Depending on your individual needs we have a range of reliable and supportive suppliers that we use for domains and hosting services.

What services can I expect to be covered in my package as standard?

With every web design package we offer the following services as standard:

  1. Initial site design and setup, including essential plugins.
  2. We assign you a web design agent to handle your site and make ongoing minor changes and fixes.
  3. Weekly performance testing and site security checks.
  4. Monthly data backups and performance reports sent to email.
  5. Basic SEO setup and management.

Any large scale changes falling outside the remit of the package can be quoted for at our standard rate of £40 an hour. We will always be upfront and clear if any support request will fall outside the remit of your individual package.

If I sell products on my website, do you take a cut?

No. We don’t take any cut of your sales made through the site. We build you a site with the systems and payment services in place to enable you to start making money through your website.
We will recommend the best payment provider for your individual case. We often recommend PayPal as it’s recognised around the world and has a lot of customer confidence, increasing your likelihood of making the sale. The payment providers themselves will charge their own commission on each sale, usually around 1-2%.

How long am I tied in for?

As we are undertaking a large amount of work in building your site from scratch, our packages all have a minimum length of 12 months paid monthly by direct debit. After 12 months there is no commitment for you to keep your site with us, though we think you’ll be pleased with our service and want to stick with us.

We began operating this way as we found a lot of clients unhappy with their previous experiences with other web design firms. With the traditional model clients are expected to pay large up front fees, wait for a handover date and then are left with a website they don’t have the time or expertise to properly maintain.

With every web design client we aim to build ongoing mutually beneficial relationships. We want to manage the web aspect of your business for you. If you have changes or fixes, a site that isn’t running how it should or content that is outdated, we are here for you, to make quick and effective changes. You don’t just need a site that looks nice, you need a site that is effective on all fronts, from design and functionality to performance and optimisation. You need a site that always works, and we can provide that.

Can I pay upfront instead?

We do allow for upfront payment of services. We will even offer a 5% discount on the 12 months package price, if paid annually.

What if I change my mind and need to cancel early?

Our packages come with a minimum agreement of 12 months. Once you have finished the twelve months you can cancel at anytime without penalty.

If you need cancel before the 12 months is over, we will bill you for the work that was completed up to the point of cancellation and then cancel your direct debit and take the site offline.

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